Friday, June 19, 2009


A few days ago, I started drawing a picture for one of my fellow co-workers. She's quite a gorgeous young woman and thought she'd make an interesting angel (I have a thing for winged creatures). To my amazement, the drawing is turning out quite well. I've definitely topped myself.

The piece is being done on 16.5" x 14" paper using pencil and ink. The ink is more-or-less for the outlines while the pencil is used to (obviously) sketch the work, butt also for shading. I don't use hatching for shading; I use pencil gradients. I thought about potentially adding color, but as she is fairly darkly tanned, I thought the skin-tones would be the most tricky. Besides, my best drawings have almost always been black 'n white.

So far so good, however. I showed her a snap-shot of the work-in-progress and she is VERY excited about it.

It is hers upon completion; it should be done by Monday. For anyone interested, it'll be uploaded to then.

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