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Mass Hysteria

About a year ago, give or take, I heared something that was rather intriguing to me. Someone in my family made mention that Nostradomus had predicted the end of the world. Considering that I had heared the claim before, I simply dismissed the divulge as blind ignorance and proceeded to go my way. But I was quickly stopped in my tracks when the next thing that was muttered entered into my ears. "This prediction also coincides with the Mayan's long-count calendar coming to an end," the person said.

I thought to myself, "Oh, really? Is there something to that?" The person continued the information to me with the percieved date: December 21st, 2012. That was all I needed to do my research.

You must understand, before I continue, that I have done a lot of research on a lot of different topics ranging from Biochemestry to Inter-Stellar Travel to Web development (my current profession) to Social Sciences to Dark Matter and everything else in the spaces between spaces. I find great enjoyment in expanding my ever-widening knowledge of events, theories, logistics, skillties, and so on. I spent a great deal of my free-time researching just about anything that peeks my interest. Yes, I've even researched sexuality. To wrap it up, I'm a think-tank and an enthusiastic learner. You may as well go ahead and label me a nerd because that's exactly what I am.

The point is, I'm not one to simply dismiss an idea, theory, or concept lightly. I do cover all of my grounds. So, when the date reached my ears, I figured, "What the hell; it could be true."

I'm not complaining about the many hours (weeks) I spent on researching the topic (I still do, from time to time), but I am complaining that it was all for nothing. Well, maybe it wasn't all for nothing. I did learn a great deal about certain events that have and will take place, not necessarily bringing about the "end of the world" as these "predictions" justify. The truth is that I enjoyed the time spent researching this idea.

So, what follows here on out are my remarks on the whole "2012" mass hysteria.

Going back into my research, I decided to start with the date bestowed on me: December 21st, 2012. Wow, that returned approximately 11,100,000 results. The most notable thing about this date is the way it is written. If you write it in standard American abbreviation, you come up with 12-21-12. The numbers, as you can see, are reversible. This poses a common problem. Many of the world's previous "end of times" scenarios revolved around reversible dates. Namely 06-06-06 which translates to some to be "666", the number of the beast. That's where I believe this whole phenomena started. So, jumping right into it, I'll make my points.

Firstly, if the "sensitive" or "top secret" information that people seem to be divulging were so "sensitive" or "top secret", the United States Government, as well as other countries around the globe, would have taken measures to silence those individuals/groups. Consider the movie "The Core". Although it was a fictitious Hollywood portrayal of "what if"s, it does exact one key point: the governments of the world would take any and all measures to keep an event such as this from going public. In that case, they had a "best of the best" hacker control the flow of information on the Internet. Specifically, his job was to wipe out any mention of their project or end-of-the-World scenarios online. Another movie, "Armageddon," as well as "Deep Impact," also portray the government's efforts to conceal the event until such time as it can be addressed and dealt-with properly. My point is that (not to be too dramatic) the governments of the world would go to any great length to erase the information that these incredible individuals share - up to and including assasinating them - if it were, indeed, threatening information.

We have seen this kind of thing before, so it's not so far-fetched as I'm sure some readers are bound to dismiss it as.

My next point turns over to these so-called images and videos depicting one of the cataclysmic antagonists of the "2012" event. Surrounding the "2012" phenomena is a planet dubbed "Planet X" or "Nibiru". One thing is fact about Nibiru (that's what I'll refer to it as from here on out) is that ancient Sumarians believed in its existence as well as the existence of its inhabitants - the Anunaki. There is scientific evidence of depictions and writings carved into Sumarian tablets, statues, obelisks, temple walls, etc. Now, whether Nibiru was an actual planet, a representation of the "Heavens" (which, Sumarians did write about), or simply a representation of the state of belief is truthfully unclear. We can merely interpret what they wrote. The Anunaki, on the other hand, were what the Sumarians believed to be "angels" or "God-like beings". This much is clear and is documented in several credible texts.

Back to the depictions this point was meant to debunk, I'd like to address that at least ONE government official and ONE head-of-the-flock scientist/astronomer, if these images and videos were in fact real, would condone the validity of the said depictions. I'm not talking about some low-ranking, retired offical. No, I'm talking about someone whom is already in the main stream - per se the President of the United States or Stephen Hawking - and is credible. When Jimmy Carter claimed, in public, that he had witnessed a UFO, the American - indeed the world - population started to question, "Are we really alone?" And, from that, many more government officals came forward with their testimonies that they, too, had seen UFOs or had direct contact with an alien craft or, indeed, an alien. Now, agencies such as NASA are investigating these, as well as other, claims. (I am not advocating that UFOs are, in fact, real, I'm simply stating the significance of involvement by figureheads in the community whom do advocate the existence of UFOs.)

Going back to the first point, if this information was indeed sensitive, the governments of the world would do their part in destroying the information (i.e. the videos and pictures). Alas, those mockeries are still aplenty (not-to-mention annoying).

Another piece of the picture puzzle is the abundance of video and photo editing software available on the market. Everything from the high-priced Adobe line to the low-end Ulead line, not-to-mention the integrated Windows and Mac OSX software available, are capable of handling the simple video and photo manipulation that takes place in those mediocre-at-best videos and photographs. It isn't difficult (give me about twenty minutes or so on any 4-minute video and I'll have you convinced you're looking at Nibiru) to do what these amateurs do with said media.

To make my third point, I'd like to stay on the Nibiru track. Nibiru, as I said, is a highly hypothetical planet. It is said that this planet is on a dual orbit around our Sun and another star out beyond the Kupier Belt. That would, in theory, put the furthest position of Nibiru in the 467AU range (one AU (astronomical unit) is about 93 million miles) from our Sun. The closest distance to its own parent star is said to be about 60AU which is almost twice the distance as Neptune is from our Sun (30.06AU). At such a distance (we know that both Neptune and Pluto are ice cold), how can we say that Nibiru would be a habitable enough planet to support life, which is the claim that interpreters of Sumarian text - notably Zecharia Sitchin - is the home planet of the Anunaki (previously mentioned).

It is also proposed (as outlined here) by Andy Lloyd that Nibiru and its parent star both orbit our Sun and that Nibiru orbits between those two stars as their star orbits ours (that sounds rather complicated, although he does - while I don't agree - explain in understandable detail his theory).

I'm actually kind of skipping off subject, here. Nibiru having inhabitant life doesn't tie into the whole "2012" phenomena, which is the basis of this topic. However, the planet's existence - if it does exist - itself does tie into the theory. It is alleged by "2012" enthusiasts that Nibiru may impact Earth or come close enough to Earth to wreak havoc on its inhabitants. However, I propose that if Nibiru even existed, it would have either collected planets in our solar system and added it to its own; upset the asteroid belt in our solar system; or caused other unseable problems with our own system. Not only that, but again, notable people would have made discoveries and released such information to the public already.

Having made all of those points debunking "2012" theorists, I do have a few points that may be of interest to anyone who has made it this far in this article.

There are a few things you should consider before making your own judgments on the matter. One event that could have effect on us is the crossing of our solar system over the galactic equator. The Galactic Equator is a plane that slices our galaxy - the Milky Way - in half along its planar center. If you know anything about the cosmos, you know that almost all galaxies (not all, but a large portion) are disc-like in shape. They are flat and circular-ish. The Milky Way is a spiral-class disc galaxy. It follows the same pattern, but has arms that extend out. Think of it sort-of as a really big hurricane, except that in the "eye" is a large concentration of stars, gasses, and bodies of hard matter. Our solar system rests at the tip of one of the arms that extend from the center. If you take a cross-section of our galaxy and draw a straight line through it (from left to right), you have the Galactic Equator. What significance does the Galactic Equator have? Well, simply put, it is the gravitational epicenter for the X plane of the Galaxy (3-dimentional spaces have three planes: the X (left to right; width), Y (top to bottom; height), and Z (forward to back; depth)).

Our solar system is on a wavy path that moves, along the Y axis, below and above the X axis of the Milky Way galaxy - the Galactic Equator. From peak (top-most of a wave) to the trough (bottom-most of a wave), it takes about 3,600 years for our solar system to complete its movement. Some time between the years 2008 and 2015, our solar system will cross the exact center of the X axis of our galaxy. Remember, I said that the GE is the "gravitational epicenter" for our galaxy. What that means is that gravity in our solar system will be at an all time high (for our lifetimes) and could disturb planetary orbits - for any or all planets - as well as astroidal orbits in objects floating in both the asteroid belt (between Mars and Jupiter) and the Kuiper belt (beyond Pluto). Not only that, but it is agreed by many that the Earth, as well as a couple other planets, will be between our Sun and the Galactic Center (center of orbital gravity in a galaxy; not to be confused with the Galactic Equator). That means a direct "argument" between the gravitational forces of the Sun and the Galactic Center (all the stars, hard matter, gasses, etc. in the center of our galaxy) which will be fighting for the orbit of our planet as well as the orbit of other planets and other asteroid/meteors. It is believed that the mass of the Earth and, indeed, other planets in coincidence with the relatively close orbit to the Sun that the Sun's gravitational pull will outweigh that of the distant Galactic Center of the Milky Way. However, the smaller objects, namely the asteroids and meteors in the aforementioned asteroid and Kuiper belts are almost free-floating in which the Galactic Center could win the battle. What that means is that several small, free-floating objects could be, in turn, thrust into Earth and other planets, not to mention the posibility that the moon itself could have its course altered. This, in turn, could be catastrophic. Considering that the Sun should be blocking most objects that could threaten the Earth - remember, we'll be between the Sun and the Galactic Center - it is unlikely that such an event could occur. It is, however, possible.

Another possibility is that any change in the Earth's orbit could increase or decrease the Electromagnetic Field. If the Earth's rotational speed slows or hastens, the EM Field could weaken or strengthen respectively. A change in gravitaional pull, on either the Sun's or the Galactic Center's part, could trigger this event. If the Earth's EM Field weakens, interstellar particles or solar winds (a lethal combination of dust and microwaves (radiation)) could leak through which could, in turn, literally boil our planet. If the EM Field strenthens, our healthy dose of Solar radiations (specifically solar light) will decrease, causing winters to be longer and more harsh and summers/springs to be much more wet and cold. Also, plants/animals would not have enough vitamin C (provided by our Sun) to sustain life and would, thus, decrease and, eventually, go extinct. We humans would have to embrace other, more harsh means of survival. I'd hate to imagine what that means. I'd like to turn your attension over to what happened to the dinosaurs: a metorite struck earth throwing up a suffocating blanket of ash and dust that the Sun was powerless to penetrate causing animals in general to die off because they hadn't enough plants to survive (which also ties in to the "throwing asteroids/meteors around" theory outlined above). Moving through the Galactic Equator may increase/decrease our rotational speed.

Another effect of moving through the Galactic Equator may be a polar shift. A polar shift is when a planet tilts further on its axis. Right now, the Earth sits on a 23° axis. If the Earth had a polar shift, it could move from, per se, 23° to 33°. In essence, that could put the US right in the center of the North Pole and, again per se, Alaska right on the Equator. Imagine what that could do. The US would freeze over - rapidly - and the former North Pole's iceburgs would melt - again, rapidly. That would basically kill all life adapted to the North American climates as well as dramatically raise the global water level (creating massive tidal waves and Tsunamis). Though, that is just the beginning of the possible effects and the idea of a polar shift is still rather abstract. It has happened before on our planet as well as others. However, it is not a definite "going to happen" event.

More information about the Galactic Alignment can be found here. Although this video was meant as a factual, informative video, it has been used by many to "justify" their beliefs.

One other possible theory, which most of us may be aware of, is that of a climate shift. For many decades, if not centuries, natural and unnatural gasses in the atmosphere have caused Earth's climate to steadily heat up. What happens is those natural and unnatural gasses disallow heat - provided from our Sun - to dissipate from the Troposphere (innermost part of the atmosphere) and out through the Exosphere (outermost part of the atmosphere). The Earth requires a delicate balance between hot and cold to maintain its climates. Naturally, this disallowance of heat dissipation causes heat to centralize in certain areas and spread out, causing other areas which should remain cold to rise in temperature over time. This steadily increasing global temperature causes ice concentrations - particularly in the North Pole and in Antartica - to melt. This is called "global warming"; the effect itself is known as the "Greenhouse Effect". The induction of fresh water, that stored in glaciers in the aformentioned polar regions, into the central North-Atlantic Current - which requires a very delicate ballance between fresh and salt water in association with cold and hot winds sweeping the water - is disrupting the salt water content and, thus, doesn't retain as much heat as it was meant to. Now, that current is moving more and more cold air into the areas that should be warmer which, in turn, pushes hot air into those areas that should remain cold. What that does is increases the water level due to all of the ice that is melting in the polar caps. (That was a rather recursive little paragraph.) If the water levels increase too dramatically, it will cause the North-Atlantic Current to alter its course and will cause large super-storms to form. Those super-storms could bring super-cool winds from the upper Troposphere (-247°F) to reach the Earth's surface. When, and if, that happens, we're talking about a major shift in planetary climates - no more t-shirts and shorts. All plants and animals that were geared towards relatively warm climates would not be able to survive such a dramatic decrease in temperature and would, thus, perish.

For that possibility, the governments of the world - spearheaded by our own - are working together to form a new, renewable, clean form of energy based on that the Sun naturally provides: fission. That, in itself, is another article.

With all of that information in hand, I'd like to conclude with saying that while there are several posibilities - not to mention the ever-famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) Biblical "Armageddon" (the battle between Heaven and Hell; God and Satan) - nothing is set in stone. No one has the wisdom, right, or knowledge to say, with any amount of factual certainty, that the world will end on any given date. The simple fact that the Mayan Long-Count Calendar comes to an end on a given date has nothing to do with the life-span of our planet. If the world does come to an end, it will do so on its own time, not our predicted time.

In the mean time, I believe that whomever believes all the crap surrounding December 21st, 2012 you are either in for a rude awakening, are stupid, or need to schedule yourself a CAT scan or psychological evaluation.

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